2008-03-25 03:42:30 by am-WEE

Thankyou for all the comments and praise on my audio submissions!
The comments of my original song are really encouraging considering I don't usually write my own stuff!


All in good FUN

2008-01-08 07:00:40 by am-WEE

Well the woodford folk festival is finished
it was very muddy
and slightly draining
but awesome fun all the same!

I've added my first submission, it's a music file
It's a cover, done acoustically by me and a friend
i'm playing cello and singing, he's playing guitar
hope you enjoy it!



2007-12-12 07:46:02 by am-WEE

It's finally holidays!!
But it's getting hotter and the storms are coming!!
I wish they had winter holidays not summer ones. Winter pwns summer any day
darn you lucky USAn's!!


2007-11-22 01:35:02 by am-WEE

School is horrible!!
it's over in just under a week tho which is brilliant!!!
i'm so bored
i should be doing english at the moment but i'm distracted
Have a good life


2007-11-01 07:34:45 by am-WEE

woodford folk festival soon
i'm so excited!
it's gonna be fucking awesome 6-7 days of pure blisss

ps. rest in peace Fee Fee


2007-10-14 04:09:28 by am-WEE

Hey everyone
Go and check out my deviant art!
i'm into photography, and i'd like some comments and tips = )

Hope every one is happy, i'm certainly happy
Finish school in 7 weeks!

Peace and Lovve


2007-10-08 07:27:09 by am-WEE

Is a very wonderful feeling
and i love dale


hahhaa ewhearrt

It's not crusty

2007-10-03 06:57:56 by am-WEE

my nose isn't crusty anymore!
cause i took the ring out and put in a stud

My Nose Ring is Crusty

2007-09-29 09:41:51 by am-WEE

it's all crusty
and bloody
and gross
i'm not quite sure what do to
i'll put some tea tree oil on it and hope for the best